Frederick L. Anderson is the owner and "pitmaster" of F. L. Barbecue and is featured in VoyageHouston Magazine. Read article

In the early 90's just after leaving the US Army, F. L. discovered an interest in bbq and bbq competitions. 

In his early 30's he started experimenting with meat and various types of pits and smokers. With over twenty years of smoking bbq he has become an expert at backyard barbecues, perfecting his brisket and ribs, receiving request from family, friends, co-workers and business associates.

In 2020 and with his two boys grown and one in college, F. L. finally made the decision to, "Pull the trigger on an idea and a dream I've been sitting on for years and to be able to share my signature ribs and brisket with a wider audience."

That dream is F. L. Barbecue. Texas style bbq, cooked slow and low and delivered to your home or office.

"After watching so many restaurants close shop because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to do something different. At the same time I'm looking at doing something that's old school, something we rarely see anymore."

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