F. L. Barbecue is a Houston area BBQ service. Smoking Texas style ribs, brisket and chicken, on request and delivered directly to your door. Smoked barbecue you'll love from a Pitmaster with over 20 years experience.

F. L. Barbecue holds itself to a high standard of excellence, from the meats we smoke to the rub and the partners we work with.

Whole Chicken $20.00

Pork Ribs 
$30.00 Per Rack

1 Whole Brisket (6 to 8 lbs.) $110.00
*Feeds 10 to 12 people. Brisket comes sliced.

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Graduation Parties - Family Gatherings - Birthdays - Holidays
(We supply the meat you supply the sides)

Got a small gathering coming up? Leave the hours of smoking the meat low and slow to me. Enjoy your time with your friends and family instead. My slow cooked brisket and ribs will bring your table together like nothing else can making F. L. Barbecue the best choice for your get together. (For gatherings of up to 60 people)

*Orders for weekend delivery must be placed no later than Thursday 5pm. 50% deposit is due for orders over $200 at time of order. Final payment is due no later than day of delivery. Down payment is non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of delivery. Cash or Credit only.


"The ribs are tender. I love the seasoning. Whatever it is he's using as a rub, don't change a thing." Ricky McDaniel

"Delicious!" Veronica Roberts

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